SKKY Restaurant

Whitehorse Restaurant

The time has arrived for some new flavours to arrive in Whitehorse. restaurant  opens for Dinner first week of October. 

Delicious flavours at some of the lowest prices in Whitehorse


Seven Days a Week
7 AM – 11:00 AM

3 Egg Omelette Greek, Western, or Canadian versions, served with shaved potatoes and toast.
8 oz Sirloin with Eggs Premium steak grilled to perfection, with three eggs, side of beans, shaved potatoes, and toast.
Eggs Benedict Two eggs poached with hollandaise sauce on top of English muffins. Served with grilled ham and shaved potatoes.
The Tonimoe’s FIVE-NINE-FIVE’ One or two eggs, with or without bacon, ham, or sausage, shaved potatoes and toast, all for $5.95.
On the Run Breakfast sandiwch, Denver sandwich, or Girlled-Cheese



Seven Days a Week
5:00 – 9:00 PM


Jamaican Shrimp Six large prawns, sauteed with diced pineapple, red chilli flakes. Finished with a splash of coconut rum, served with garlic toast.
Bacon Wrapped Scallops Six Canadian sea scallops wrapped with bacon, served with tomato butter and garlic toast.
Escargot Escargots sauteed with shallots, brandy and garlic butter. Served with garlic toast.
Spniach Salad Fresh spinach tossed with roasted beets, sliced apricots and feta cheese, drizzled with a balsamic dressing.
Baked Sausage and Penne Sliced Chorizo sasuage, red onion, button mushrooms, tossed in a red wine rose sauce with a belnd of cheese and baked, served with garlic toast.
Butter Chicken A classic Indian recipe and favourite of all, butter chicken is prepared with a creamy rich tomato sauce, with a couple tender pieces of chicken.
Vegetarian Pesto A combination of sauteed zucchini, artichokes, bell peppers, button mushrooms, served in a white wine pesto sauce with linguini pasta.
Poached Salmon 7 oz fillet of Atlantic salmon, poached and served on a bed of rice with steamed vegetables, side of bearnaise.
Greek-style Chicken Grilled 8 oz chicken breast, finished in a Greek-style tomato sauce with artichokes, kalamata olives, and capers, served with house potatoes and steam vegetables.
Featured Steak Please ask your server for details on tonight’s featured steak. Served with house potatoes and steamed vegetables.