SKKY Hotel Loyalty Program

IMG_2211 (1)The SKKY Hotel is proud to announce a loyalty program that is simple to understand and gives you quick rewards!

No earning points for the dollar amount being spent. Earn rewards based on the number of nights stayed at the hotel and use the rewards towards a free upgrade to our suites. Increase your membership level by staying more often and earn dollar amounts off each night you stay and more.

The SKKY Hotel will also give you a special reward for your birthday and random rewards as you check in!

It is an exciting venture for us and we hope everyone will sign up for the program. The rewards will likely increase as more people sign up and use the program.

Everything is being controlled through a mobile app called Flok. It is available for Android and iPhone devices and you can start earning points today if you have stayed with us in the past two months!

  1. Download the app by visiting Flok
  2. Sign up for a membership by email or Facebook within the app
  3. Find the SKKY Hotel club and join it
  4. Use the Chat icon and send a quick message saying you have stayed with us previously.

We will verify your stay information, find your membership and apply the extra rewards for you. We will also send a quick email to verify your membership level and reward points earned.

Check-in through Facebook or refer your friends to the SKKY Hotel club and earn more rewards too!

Full membership levels and rewards are mentioned below but do not hesitate to ask us for help if you require it.

We look forward to rewarding our guests in the coming year!


How It Works

The membership program is being controlled through the Flok. Through the app, only your name, email address, and birthday will be saved – no personal address, phone number, or credit card.

Download the app, sign up for Flok, and then join the SKKY Hotel club.

There are three types of rewards being offered: a punch card reward, membership tier, and passive rewards. Punch cards and how to redeem awards will be mentioned first, and then the membership tiers and passive rewards.

Punch Cards

Punch cards can be used once per 24 hours. Someone staying multiple nights can check in each night because rewards are based on per night, not per stay.

To check/punch in, visit the hotel and go up to the Front Desk. Open the app on your phone and then swipe where indicated. This will pull up a screen where it asks you to take a picture of a QR code. The Front Desk will display the code, and once you take a picture of it, the app will register a punch. Each punch you make will show on a virtual punch card at the top of the app.

IMG_2209 IMG_2210

For people staying multiple nights, remember to visit the Front Desk 24 hours after you originally checked in. If you happened to have checked in after arriving on one of the late-night flights or you missed your opportunity to punch in, send a quick message through the app or ask a Front Desk agent and we will make sure the missing rewards are replaced.

After having your membership card punched 8 times (i.e. stay 8 nights), you can get a free upgrade to an Executive Suite on your next stay, for one night only. You will get charged the rate you normally book at (Corporate, Government, etc) for our King rooms.

You can reserve the upgrade for a future stay, but please do not try to redeem the reward before doing so. It will cause a hassle if you book the room, cancel, and then put in the request to have your reward points returned to you.

If you punch in your 8th night while you are checking in at the hotel, the front desk will honour the upgrade, as long as the suite is available.

Redeeming Rewards

When you qualify for a reward, the app will notify you which reward you have unlocked. Some rewards have time limits, others can be used at any time.

To redeem, show your phone to the Front Desk and the Front Desk agent has to confirm that the Redeem button has been pressed/used. After that point, the Front Desk agent will give the reward and you should see it removed from the app immediately.

Tiered Membership

This is a cumulative reward. For example, after 8 nights, you get the upgrade to the Executive Suite, and then you have to stay another 8 nights to get another upgrade. With the tiered memberships, you keep advancing and get additional rewards.

We have three levels available:

10 Stays – $25.00 off room rate.
20 Stays – $25.00 off room rate plus free late checkout to 1 pm.
40 Stays – Automatic upgrade to Presidential Suite or $40.00 off room rate.

If the hotel receives a lot of activity with the loyalty program, the rewards for the various tiers may be increased. If you have suggestions on rewards you would like to see, please contact us

Facebook Login / Referral

Receive a code to use online or at Front Desk to get 15% off our best rate.

Welcome Reward

Receive a code to use online or at Front Desk to get 15% off our best rate.

Lucky Reward

Every 20th person to check in will be prompted with a reward. $25 off current rate, one night only. You also only have an hour to check in, so be sure to notify the Front Desk staff if you see the reward popup.

Birthday Reward

If it is your birthday, you can receive either a free appetizer in our restaurant, or free breakfast the following day. Valid ID showing your birthday will have to be shown at the Front Desk for verification purposes, and then a voucher will be given.

We look forward to hearing what you think about the program!

Any questions or suggestions, contact us